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Do you record and edit video with your iPhone or a Camcorder?  If so are you storing all of this on your computer or is it stored offsite on sites like YouTube or Vimeo?  Are you aware of how much space video files can require?  Is there a backup plan in place in case the computer or operating system were to crash.  These are some but not all of the things I address in the “Mac Daddy Training Course.”


How much time do you invest in audio?  Do you have lots of music on iTunes?  Maybe you have thought about starting a Podcast but aren’t sure how to do it.  The first part of this “Mac Daddy Training Course” will help you with a couple of solid audio applications.  Remember it’s better to know one or two apps well than ten apps that you never master.




What applications are you using to create documents.  If you need to prepare a newsletter, doctrinal thesis, or basic letter how do you get it done?  Do you use MARKDOWN text and if so where and how to you export?  There are lots of text applications but what are the best for your longterm investment or “bang for the buck”, so to speak.



It’s one thing to learn a concept but another thing to put it to use.  I will strive to encourage students to immediately apply the information as soon as they learn it.  This will mean having your laptop, iPhone or iPad close at hand.  Remember we are learning how to use Mac products from building on the basics.

The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ will have some great new features that we haven’t seen before in the iPhone series.  It is important that if you are new to the iPhone that you learn the basics.  This may at first seem slow and boring but when you get the foundational principles of using the phone then you will be an iPhone ninja in NO TIME!


Target Audience

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Mac Daddy Training 101 Basic Course


DOCUMENTS – One of the key areas is that of handling text. This would include writing, editing, saving and sending of documents. The application for documents within the Mac environment is called PAGES. However there are other text editing applications that I use and will recommend in this basic course. For example if you are familiar with MARKDOWN language and want a TEXT EDITOR then my recommendations will be BYWORD and ULYSSES III.


PHOTOS – This is a huge area to cover because most people I know with Mac Computers, iPhones and iPads have lots of pictures.  In this basic course I plan to cover iPhoto which is the application for Mac desktops, laptops, iPhones and iPads.  When you are dealing with photos then you also need to understand something about photo editing.  Even though we will cover this with iPhoto my other recommendation is PIXELMATOR.  Over the years I have come to appreciate this application as much as any that I use on a regular basis.


AUDIO – If you want to play AUDIO then the environment you need to learn in the Mac is called iTunes.  However if you want to record and edit I am going to recommend an open source utility called AUDACITY.  I have been using this for years to do recording and editing of my mp3 files.  Recently I have found a great audio recording application called PIEZO.  In the initial part of this course I will cover Audacity and Piezo.


PRESENTATION – If you have to create and give presentations then the two best ways to accomplish this are with KEYNOTE and SCREENFLOW.  Even though they are different tools they can be used in combination or separately.    However these can give you HIGH END presentation capabilities with a moderate level of time and effort.  Both of these tools will be covered so that you in this course may have a good working knowledge of each.


VIDEO – Since the iPhone is a great way to record video the next question is what are we doing with it.  You can leave it on the iPhone but after some time this takes up an awful lot of storage space.  First I will recommend the best 3rd party software that can get this video from the iPhone to your desktop or laptop.  Now you can manage by either editing or sending to a site like VIMEO or FLICKR.  During this basics course I will cover how to use both of these sites and why I recommend that you have PRO accounts for each.  If you do lots of stuff with photos you need FLICKR and if you do lots with video you need VIMEO.


UTILITIES – These are applications that are useful, beneficial and helpful in order to get things done in an efficient manner. Some of the utilities I will teach you are 3rd party apps that I recommend you invest in. Each of us comes into our computer experience with a different set of needs. My goal is to give you some basic utility tools that will help you along the way no matter the skill level or things that your require.

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