Basic Mac Training


This website will include much video training.  We all have different learning styles but video based training is definitely very effective with all the tools available on the internet.


Some of the training will be available through mp3’s and podcasts.  This is the style of learning that most appeals to me.  It gives the student time to listen, pause and take notes.  Also the view through the minds eye can be one of the most powerful ways for a person to understand information.


There are times when it just makes sense to understand something from a cognitive perspective.  In other words by just following some basic and simple written instruction.  Again this site will offer a number of different ways for students to learn the same information.


It’s one thing to learn a concept but another thing to put it to use.  I will strive to encourage students to immediately apply the information as soon as they learn it.  This will mean having your laptop, iPhone or iPad close at hand.  Remember we are learning how to use Mac products from building on the basics.

The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ will have some great new features that we haven’t seen before in the iPhone series.  It is important that if you are new to the iPhone that you learn the basics.  This may at first seem slow and boring but when you get the foundational principles of using the phone then you will be an iPhone ninja in NO TIME!

  • Those who DON’T WANT training 10%
  • Those who SHOULD HAVE training 80%
  • Those who DON’T NEED training 10%


MacBook Pro

iPad Air

iPhone 6 and 6+

Providing computer training so you can get on with the IMPORTANT things in LIFE!